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Sunday, June 17, 2012


This is so exciting.... it was around April 8th, 2012 and we went to a hatchery in Norco, CA called Chicken Stars Ranch.... I have been wanting chickens for some time, but did not have the living space available until I moved in my with parents back in January....

After finding this place on Craig's List, I was a bit uneasy about going there, due to previous mishaps with Craig's List in general.... But Ava wanted a pet chicken, so Norco was where we were going to get them.
After we got our City Chicks I found out my local feed barn down the street had chicks for sell too. Oh well lesson learned.

Without further delay.... here is our girls!

Buff Orpington




Lavender Bantam Silkie

Valentine "Blackie"

Black Silkie

Ava my 4 yr old daughter took the pleasure in naming 3 of our 4 chicks.... My mom picked Henrietta for her chick.

Lavender really was looking like a rainbow of color when we first got her, now she just looks like a grey fluffy.

Blackie is my chick, and I carry her around with me most days... She is really turning into a poof ball with all of her feathers.

I am so glad I took their close ups so many months ago.. because the now pics with just blow your mind on how big they are!

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