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Friday, June 22, 2012


About a month ago my neighbor's grape vine invaded my yard. So at first I was unsure what to do about it. Then I saw green grapes on them, and thought okay lets make some shade and a snack by giving it some wire to climb.

Well like two days ago I was walking by the grapes and I saw they turned purple, and the tiny ones are sweet, but WOW the larger ones are tangy! They have a seed in the middle so I think they are concord grapes.

My neighbor is really bad about watering them. I spritz them with a water bottle, daily on the leaves on my side. And when I water my patio / yard I kinda put water through the holes in the fence hoping some water reaches the base of the vine.

So I have no idea if there are any grapes on his side of the fence, but my side is growing like mad.

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  1. Well, what comes over on your side is yours to keep! Keep on taking care of it and maybe it will root itself to the ground and you will have some of your own! Grapes tend to spread out alot! They can't gripe at you for what their grapes are doing and if they aren't tending them, then enjoy the free grapes! ;)