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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fruit Ice Cubes

Well, each day I give our girls lots of fruits and veggies, plus finding them bugs and spiders. Worms I would have to say is their favorite. And in true fashion of being a woman, they don't care about the worms until someone else is showing off their worm. Then they care.... about that one.
And they chase each other trying to take that worm away from that chicken. It is very funny to watch!

So I was reading again.... from Fresh Eggs Daily, and they were talking about how to keep their girls cool, in this hot weather. Granted 1 live 1 mile from the coast, we don't have sweltering weather, but just in case we get a 90 degree day I want to know what to do to keep the girls hydrated.

So anyhoo, they were talking about making mint ice cubes for their girls here.

And I thought why don't I make those too?!

So tonight I did a picture step by step instruction. And I have to say my girls were skeptical at first of these things, but now they know how yummy they are and I barely get them on the ground and they are all over them to see what kind they got!

First get your supplies out.

I use Tupperware's CrystalWave® Ramekins; a set of eight, 2¾-oz./80 mL CrystalWave® Ramekins. Each includes a seal, so you can store individual items or leftovers for steaming later. They make perfect fruit cubes for my girls.

Then you are going to need a chopper thing to finely dice your fruit/veggies. I use the Chop ’N Prep™ Chef from Tupperware as well. This really gets the fruit/veggies super fine.
Cutting Board

Got it?

blue berries first - see below

Next I put 4 strawberries, cut up into big chunks and put it into the chop n prep thing. See below:

and put the top on and pull the string, about 4-5 times.

Then use the spoon to scoop the strawberries into the ramekins:

Next we are going to use apples! Yum!

Put the top on, and pull the string on 4-5 times.

Spoon into the ramekins:

Now put water in the ramekins. Put the seal on and put into the freezer. Tonight I chose to make 2 cubes for the girls and 2 popsicles for my daughter.

Now here is a different cube that I made a few days ago. It is blue berries, mango, and strawberries.

Got leftovers? Dice up the rest and put into other ice trays, fill with water for your personal enjoyment, or give them to the girls.

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