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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Homemade Orange Peel White Vinegar Coop Cleaner

Homemade Orange Peel White Vinegar Coop Cleaner

I saw this post on Fresh Eggs Daily, and decided to make it myself. I have my 2 jars sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for them to age for 1 month. This was about a week ago. So 3 more weeks to go.

Four oranges
Two cinnamon sticks
Two vanilla beans
Bottle of white vinegar
Two canning jars
Spray bottle

Peel the orange, be careful not to get any pitch (white stuff). Put equal amounts of peel in each jar.
Break the cinnamon sticks in half making them 4 sticks, and put 2 sticks in each jar.
Slice open the vanilla beans, and put one bean in each jar.
Pour in enough white vinegar to cover.
Seal, and wait..... 4 weeks for everything to muddle together. Every so often shake the jar.

Since I am new to this whole concept of having chickens. I will use ANYTHING that will clean the coop, and keep the bugs away.
From what I read... the orange peel would make a nice addition since citrus oil is a natural insect deterrent and proven solvent.
Cinnamon oil kills mosquito larvae. Vanilla beans went in next because vanilla repels flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

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