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Monday, June 25, 2012

Coop Upgrade

Almost every week, I do something new to the coop or their yard. I go outside and watch them at least 3 times a day. Check their food, check their water, give then food scrapes.

Today, I worked on their make-shift wire door for us humans to walk through, but to keep them from coming onto my concrete patio and eating my plants, or leaving little poop bombs behind on the concrete.

So I trimmed the wire door, and made little latches for the chicken wire to hook onto.

Then I was thinking about their nesting box. I was just using a cardboard box, and I knew they could not use that forever. So I was digging around in my storage room, and saw the fridge produce containers. I don't use them, and thought I could attach them to the inside of the coop and they would make nice nesting boxes.

So I took off the roof of the coop, and went to work drilling holes in the sides of plastic bins, and then attaching them to the sides of the coop.

Quality control trying to pretend to be pecking at the ground, but really checking out what I was doing to their coop.

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