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Monday, June 25, 2012

Gwendolyn is gone....

Well, only after a few hours of being in our chicken yard, Gwen decided to move to a different part of our back yard, and wanted to be alone. Which was fine with my girls. I don't think they liked Gwen anyways.

So Gwen decided to nest on our stone block fence, not the coop, so I said, "Fine, you don't want to nest in the coop, then I hope a coyote doesn't get you!" (Yes, we have them!)

I awoke at a little after 6 am the morning, to hear Gwen barking, very loudly. So I knew she was not eaten by a predator... but why on earth was she barking so early.

Well, it turned out after she nested on the stone block wall. She decided to fly into my neighbor's yard. My neighbor, has 8 or so birds, parrots, and love birds and so forth. But they are all in cages in his backyard. Gwen decided she was going to "guard" his birds.

So the guarding/ barking began.

She barked off and on all day long. Went to sleep, and started barking at 5:30 in the am. I know she woke up not only me but a few other neighbors.

Later in the day, my neighbor caught her, brought her back to our house. I was able to explain to him, our delima of her not liking us, and liking his yard better. And he came up with a brilliant solution. Find her a home out in Norco, CA. I said great, you take care of that...

So by Saturday night she was at a new home very very far away.

I have saved a few of her feathers. She was so pretty, but very annoying.

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