I may live in the city, but my heart is in the country.
This blog is about my day-to-day adventures with my chickens and my family.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


After the loss of Blackie, everyone in the house felt it even Henrietta. For about a week she kept looking for Blackie, and making cooing sounds. I was told my mother that NO MORE CHICKENS we coming to our house, and I fell in to a deep depression. I stopped going outside and paying any attention to Henrietta, and she went a little bit coo-coo. She then started to come into the house, and look for us to give her attention.

She also stopped laying eggs. No surprise, she had no other hens around to follow their example. Plus it was winter time and the shorter days had begun.

One day (Nov 26th, 2012) I was walking out to the back yard to get something, and I passed the most unusual thing. In the bottom of my daughters stroller was 12 eggs.

Henrietta had not stopped laying eggs, she just stopped laying eggs in her nesting box! She was doing in in the bottom of my jogging stroller basket. Plus with the cold temps, it was keeping her eggs fresh. So I put those in the house did the egg sinking test (they all sunk), put them in the fridge and ate them.

Then she really did stop laying after I folded up the jogging stroller and put it into the shed.


On Jan 5, 2013 I was told I HAD to get rid of Henrietta, so I took her to a friends house who already had 12ish hens, and that was a VERY sad day for me.



And that's my update on Henrietta, and how I have no flock anymore.