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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Breakfast time!!

So, I was reading another blog (what else is new?) and I saw one person put raisins in her pocket, and now her girls know and come running every time she enters their pen. So I tried it this morning.... I had some in a pocket, and I would put a few in my hand, and soon they were eating out of my hand!

I know, so cool. I guess picking them up and carrying them around helps keep them from being so skiddish.

Later today I am going to try to play some soothing music out my bedroom window (which is part of their yard) in the late afternoon time, and see if it has any effect on them. I'll try it for a week. They are totally mellow, but I just feel for some reason that playing soothing music with make them more mellow. Who knows?

Here is my tip for the day:

The plastic clam shell containers that berries come in, work as a great snack tray.

Really any will do, but I've noticed because berries are in season right now, I have a surplus of them around. Also I choose to use these because I don't want to share germs with the chickens by using my own plates or plastic containers, that I put our food in.

After one time use of the girls I rinse them outside and then use then again, and again, and then trow away.

Above in the picture is 2 fruit cubes (blueberries, mango, strawberries) a whole frozen orange, and frozen strawberry cubes + starter feed)

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