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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sad News!

I am sorry to announce that Rainbow (Lavender Silkie) has died this afternoon...

Her cause of death is unknown. I did do a beak to talon inspection and nothing looked to be out of the ordinary. The only thing I know is she had not laid her first egg and she was a little over 6 months old.

I did hear some high pitched squawking the past couple of days, and even today she had what looked like the beginnings of clear liquid, no shell egg. But since Friday she has been distant from the flock, staying in one place for hours at a time...

When I went to see her this afternoon, I turned her upside down to inspect her vent (where the poop & eggs comes out) and then when I turned her right side up, she went into convulsions, fluttered to the ground, and then died.

The commotion caught Henrietta's attention to came over to inspect, then Rainbow's eyes were closed, and there was no more life in her.

I put her in a paper sack, and put her in the garbage can. Then washed my hands, cleaned the coop, gave the flock new water and let everyone know the sad news.

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