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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blackie My Rooster

I'm sad to announce that Blackie (my silkie rooster) died this afternoon.

I've been asked to spare the gritty details of how he died. For the record I know why he died, but as for Sunshine and Rainbow I have no idea why they died, or if their deaths were related or not.

So below are some of my favorite pictures of Blackie...

As a young fluffy chick, he was originally named "Valentine" by Ava

We had no idea Blackie would be a rooster, because we went to a chicken farm where they sex their chicks....

Still fluffy, he enjoyed sitting in my purses and going places

Sitting in a basket on our way to a chicken play-date.

The question has already come up about if I will be getting more chickens, and the answer is yes... not sure when but I do plan on getting our flock back up to 5-6 chickens depending on the situtation.

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