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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reflecting on Life

Well, now that Blackie has been dead for a week, it has been anything but quiet around here. Henrietta has been following all of us around, and even coming into the house. I catch her making cooing sounds I think she is looking for the other chickens. I also think she is lonely, so I am in the process of getting more hens to build up our flock.

I had a visitor this evening and she was surprised at my current life style of having a chicken, a garden, canning, dehydrating, and even juicing. What has become my normal, is in a way not the "normal" 32 yr old single mom, (especially what is portrayed on TV). I have always felt older than the average female my age even way back when I was 23 and married, going through life as a married woman, when some of the women I knew were obsessing over the latest celebrity gossip and it felt so petty compared to my life/ marriage struggles.

I also think because I surround myself with online bloggers / Facebook fan pages of farming and chicken families, that I forget that I'm not the average struggling single mom "poor me" mentality. I make due with my situation and make the best of it with a smile on my face. Also between gardening and taking care of my flock, I get a lot of therapy and my garden is progressing well, and even though my flock is down to one, I'm getting through it. Surprisingly well!

Please comment below if you have any thoughts on the matter.

Plus here are some pics of Henrietta in the house!


  1. Hey, I see you haven't posted in a few months. How is Henrietta doing?