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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pros and Cons of Having a Rooster

Well we are excited to have a Rooster, because of the possibility of having baby chicks. Blackie is a special breed, so it will be exciting to see the mixed breeds that will come from him mating with our flock.

In a matter of days we went from 4 laying hens, to 2 layers and a rooster. I was planning on selling a dozen eggs here and there, as it would take about 2-3 days to get a dozen from 4 hens. But since we are down to 2 egg layers, we will consume 2 eggs a day no problem. I would have to save 4-5 days worth of eggs to get a dozen, and that would be hard to resist.

Plus roosters are great bug catchers. The hens are already good bug peckers, but roosters are known for their bug catching eye sight. Also even though Blackie is the smallest of the flock, he will still try to protect the flock from predators and danger.

That would be a sight to see!

Now here is the down side of this all, having a rooster means it crows especially in the morning. So Blackie has been crowing at 6:10 every morning, so that means my days of sleeping in is over, because the chicken coop is right outside my window. So I hear it every morning. I will not be needing an alarm clock any more, unless I need to get up before dawn.

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  1. Crowing early is no kidding! I know one of my neighbors has one too--I sometimes hear him at 1am! Thank goodness he lives far enough away so I don't hear it too loudly!
    But I think that's cool having fresh eggs every day!